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Reddy Yeti provides their 750+ members with exclusive deals and discounts on 120+ outdoor startups. Below is their MemberSpace case study which contains website screenshots of their membership setup along with a short founder interview.

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Home Page

ReddyYetti's's home page presents a bold headline that explains exactly what they do with a sub headline giving more specifics. As a visitor to the site you'll be able to easily understand more about ReddyYeti and why you would want to learn more. It's a good idea to start off your home page with a clarifying headline.

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Sales Page

Their sales page is simple but packs a punch. They lead with a strong value proposition about how much money you'll save. They also include an inspiration video about the craftsmanship of the startup companies they work with, and then finally they have a clear call to action to buy. This is a great format to follow!

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Member Navigation

After paying to become a member, people visit this navigation page which ReddyYeti designed. They have a membership walkthrough video and then present simple image navigation links for their members along with their discount code of the week and a support email address. Everything a member could need is here!

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Member Pages & Content

Here is one of the member pages they provide which relies heavily on slick custom banner graphics to act as navigation links to various featured product discounts. On the left sidebar of the page they use a simple but effective menu so members can easily navigate between other member pages whenever they want.

reddy yeti member page screenshot
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Interview with the Founder

Why did you start your business

ReddyYeti is a community of outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs interested in supporting startups and small business in the outdoor space. We wanted to create a space to showcase small companies doing cool things in the industry, so we created and the ReddyYeti podcast. Starting off, we began doing cross promotional giveaways and grew into a membership platform where you can get discounts on 120+ outdoor startups. MemberSpace has been an integral part of building our membership.

How does your business model work?

We have two main sources of revenue: advertising and our membership. As our community has grown our giveaways are in high demand and we are able to generate revenue from paid partnerships. Our membership is a monthly subscription that gives members access to exclusive deals and discounts on outdoor startups. Members also have the ability to apply to become brand ambassadors to our partners.

How do you continue to build your membership?

Email marketing has been our main funnel so far. We have been able to consistently grow our email list through our giveaways. The most important thing is gaining the trust of your subscribers and showing them the value provided in the membership. With a product like ours, it's very difficult to get sign-ups from a cold audience.

How do you keep cancellations down?

We haven't had a huge issue with cancellations, but one area we have been working hard at is trial completions. We started sending free samples to new members when they sign up. Our trial completions skyrocketed after we started this campaign. We also have a guided experience newsletter helping members on trial get the most out of their membership.