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Side Business Growing Business Thriving Business
$25per month + 4% feeBest if you're just starting $50per month + 2% feeBest if you're making $1,300+/mo $100per month + 1% feeBest if you're making $5,000+/mo
Start your 14-day trial
Extend trial if needed :)
Start your 14-day trial
Extend trial if needed :)
Start your 14-day trial
Extend trial if needed :)
Unlimited members Unlimited people can become your members. They can be paying and/or free members.
All standard features Click to view all the standard features you get which are included on every plan!
Phone, live chat, email support Contact us via phone, live chat, or email Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm ET.
No MemberSpace branding No MemberSpace branding on any screens (e.g. login/signup) and emails your members see.

All plans include:

Instant Payouts

After members pay for your member plans, their payment will be deposited into your bank account just 2 business days later!

Auto Revenue Recovery

We try to auto-recover any failed charge, abandoned sign up, or cancellation so you make about 5% more revenue (varies).

Free Platform Migration

We'll help you migrate (and import members) from any membership platform (including billing details if possible) for free!

View standard features included in all plans

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All my students used MemberSpace to access the course and it's running without a hitch. I earned almost $30K on my last launch.
Jonathan Tilley, Founder of LOLB

Common Questions

  • How does the 14-day trial work? You can use MemberSpace (with all standard features) for 14 days free of charge. If you need more time just let us know before the trial ends and we'll happily extend it :) Once your trial ends, your monthly (or annual) charge will begin immediately. Keep in mind, if members (paying or free) are already signing up we can't extend your trial.
  • How do the fees work? We automatically collect a transaction fee (including while on a trial) from each of your member charges based on which plan you're on (Side Business: 4% fee, Growing Business: 2% fee, Thriving Business: 1% fee). This is on top of Stripe's default 2.9% + 30 cents fee (Stripe's European card fee is 1.4% + €0.25). To offset these transaction fees, you get our Auto Revenue Recovery features free with every plan.
  • How does Auto Revenue Recovery work? We automatically try to recover any failed recurring charge and failed new member sign up (via emails and on-screen popups). We also provide your members with cancellation alternatives you can turn on (e.g. extend your trial, get a discount, contact support). This all leads to you making about 5% more revenue on average. Say your business generates $30,000/year, we'll likely recover about $1,500 in extra revenue for you (which is way less than you would be paying MemberSpace in monthly charges + fees). Keep in mind, the amount recovered will vary for each customer.
  • How do I collect money from members? After you connect your Stripe account to MemberSpace (1-click), you'll create plans. After your members sign up and pay for your plans, you'll receive the money (minus any transaction fees) in the bank account you added to Stripe. This usually takes two business days. Currently we only integrate with Stripe for payments, not PayPal.
  • Do I really get unlimited members? Yes, you can have as many people as you want sign up to become your members. They can be paying and/or free members.
  • What is the MemberSpace branding? If you're on our Side Business plan, your members will see subtle MemberSpace branding ("Powered by MemberSpace" link) on various screens (e.g. login, signup) and any emails we send on your behalf (e.g. payment receipt, change password).
  • Can you help me migrate and import members? Absolutely, we'll help you migrate (and import members) from any membership platform to MemberSpace for free! Here is more information about migrating any member billing details from another platform.
  • Can I see examples of MemberSpace on live websites? Yes, here are case studies from successful MemberSpace customers.
  • Can I get a personal demo of MemberSpace? Sure thing! Just pick a day/time that works for you.
  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel whenever I want? Yes, you can change plans (or cancel) from within your account whenever you want and we'll handle the prorated charge/credit automatically. However, if you cancel we don't offer refunds for previous charges.
  • What kind of support do I get? All plans include phone, email, and live chat support! We try to be very generous with our time to help you be successful with MemberSpace (and your business). However, we also want to be fair to everyone who needs our help so we have a limit of 30 minutes/day per customer for support. That being said, if we have extra capacity we're happy to spend more time with you :)
  • Does this work with any Squarespace plan/template? We work on most templates, but you'll need to disable Ajax (if your template has it). Check here for the list of Ajax templates along with instructions to safely disable Ajax. Also, to use MemberSpace you'll need to be subscribed to Squarespace's "Business Plan" (or either Online Stores plan).
  • Does this work with any Webflow plan/template? Yes we work with any template. You'll need to be subscribed to Webflow's Lite, Pro, or Team account plan or add on a site plan to your site.
  • Is MemberSpace secure and GDPR compliant? Yes we use bank-grade SSL encryption to keep all your member logins and payment information secure. Here is more information about security and our GDPR compliance.