Promotion Ideas

Here are some helpful tips and proven strategies to generate passive income by sharing your MemberSpace affiliate link.

Remember: the more you promote, the more $$ you can make. :)

Ways to promote MemberSpace

There are many different ways to share MemberSpace with your audience. The best methods will depend on who your audience is and how you're helping them!

Topic ideas for affiliates

We encourage you to be authentic in your promotion of MemberSpace, and only share it honestly with people you think it'd be a good fit for. It's up to you how you'd like to discuss MemberSpace, but here are some topic ideas if they're helpful:

Informational topics

Comparative topics

Round-up topics

This is just a starting place—feel free to explore any other topics relevant and helpful to your audience!

It can also be beneficial to continue sharing helpful content relevant to the audience members you've already referred to MemberSpace (you'll receive recurring commission as long as they remain a customer—so go ahead and support them in continuing to grow their membership content!).

Affiliate best practices

There are many factors that contribute to affiliate success and how much income you can earn, but we find a few things in common among our most successful affiliates.