Affiliate Promotion Ideas

Here are some helpful tips and proven strategies to generate passive income by sharing your MemberSpace affiliate link. Remember: the more you promote, the more $$ you can make. 🙂

Ways to promote MemberSpace

There are many different ways to share MemberSpace with your audience. The best methods will depend on who your audience is and how you’re helping them!

Some of the most common channels our affiliates use to promote MemberSpace are:

  • Blog posts
  • A “Resources” or “Business Tools” page on your website
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts and stories
  • YouTube videos
  • Website footer (e.g. “Powered by MemberSpace” in your website credit, if that’s how your own content is protected)
  • Website design client onboarding (for web designers assisting with MemberSpace set-up)

Share your MemberSpace discount

Your affiliate link includes a 10% discount off your referrals’ first year of the MemberSpace Professional Plan (available with monthly or annual billing). (This discount is automatically applied when a referral selects either Professional Plan option within 60 days of clicking your affiliate link.)

Be sure to share this exclusive discount with your audience! 

Professional Plan benefits

When sharing your discount, it can also help to highlight the benefits of using MemberSpace to grow a thriving membership business:

👤 Unlimited plans and members open the door to unlimited opportunities for growth

💳 Flexible, secure billing options make it convenient for customers to purchase your digital offerings

🎨 Design customization gives you the freedom to create a seamless, branded experience for customers

🥸 White-label Notification Emails to be sent from their own domain (rather than — this helps emails be more recognizable to members

📧 Email campaigns make it easy to streamline communication directly from your MemberSpace backend

🛟 Revenue recovery — automatically track down lost revenue from failed charges and abandoned signups, and retain more members with cancelation alternatives

🤝 Site admins allow all team members to have easy access

🖥️ Unlimited connected sites — great for businesses with multiple membership sites or distinct products

🌟 VIP customer support — connect with our friendly team for help setting up a membership or digital product

Topic ideas for affiliates

We encourage you to be authentic in your promotion of MemberSpace, and only share it honestly with people you think it’d be a good fit for. It’s up to you how you’d like to discuss MemberSpace, but here are some topic ideas if they’re helpful:

Informational topics

Some of our best-performing affiliate content introduces MemberSpace and educates readers on how to use it. Topics like:

  • How to use membership software on your website
  • How to membership-protect content on your website
  • How to create a members area on your website
  • How to create a membership site on [website platform]
  • A step-by-step guide to starting a membership website
  • How to sell digital content from your website
  • How to create an online course on your own website
  • How to create a free or paid content library

Comparative topics

If you’ve switched to MemberSpace from another platform (or if you’re familiar with other membership or course creation platforms), it can be helpful to share a comparison explaining the differences between the platforms and why you chose MemberSpace.

  • Why I switched from [other tool] to MemberSpace
  • Why I chose MemberSpace over [other tool]
  • Review: MemberSpace vs. [other tool]
  • The best membership software for [website platform]
  • My favorite way to build membership content on [website platform]

Round-up topics

Round-ups are a popular way to share your favorite or most-used business tools. This could include lists like:

  • Favorite business tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Essential tools for starting an online business
  • Software options to start a membership website

This is just a starting place—feel free to explore any other topics relevant and helpful to your audience!

Keep in mind that, as an affiliate, you’ll generally be speaking to an audience that is not yet using MemberSpace. That could mean:

  • They’re interested in creating membership-protected content (like an online course, content library, or digital download), but aren’t sure which technology to use.
  • They have an area of expertise that could be monetized via membership content, but are not fully aware of that opportunity.
  • They’re using another membership platform but are not completely happy with it, or are looking for additional features or functionality MemberSpace can provide.

It can also be beneficial to continue sharing helpful content relevant to the audience members you’ve already referred to MemberSpace (you’ll receive recurring commission as long as they remain a customer — so go ahead and support them in continuing to grow their membership content!).

Affiliate best practices

There are many factors that contribute to affiliate success and how much income you can earn, but we find a few things in common among our most successful affiliates.

Here are some of those best practices for success as a MemberSpace affiliate:

  • Be authentic! You’ll have the best success promoting affiliate links in instances you’d already share MemberSpace, even if you weren’t receiving commission for it. We encourage you to share MemberSpace with people where you genuinely think there’s a good fit.
  • Create helpful content. Aim to share your affiliate link in a context that’s providing value to your audience and solving a real problem or need they have. (Like figuring out how to membership-protect content on their own website.)
  • Make it easy for your readers. Make your affiliate link easily accessible, in contexts it would be helpful. For example, it’s a good idea to add multiple links throughout one blog post so readers have quick access to click through when they’re ready.
  • Make it easy for yourself. Save your affiliate link somewhere convenient for yourself to access when it’s time to add your link to new blog posts, email newsletters, etc.
  • Personalize your affiliate disclosure. Be sure to add your affiliate disclosure anywhere you use your affiliate link. It can be helpful to customize your disclosure with a personal message thanking readers for their support or clarifying that you only share products you love and recommend.
  • Mind your SEO. Our top affiliates have optimized their content to perform well in search results. Be sure you’re sharing relevant and helpful content, using descriptive, keyword-rich titles and headings, and following other SEO best practices to help your content perform well.
  • Continue serving your audience. It’s great to create multiple layers of helpful content to continue serving your active referrals (those who are already earning you commission!).
  • Keep up-to-date with MemberSpace product features. It’s easiest to share what you know. See the MemberSpace Resources section of our Affiliate Toolkit for more ideas!

Affiliate Toolkit

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MemberSpace affiliate program details, guidelines and brand assets.

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