Who are we?

We're a team of designers & developers who have built and supported over 400 websites, eCommerce stores, and web applications 🤓

memberspace team photo

Why did we build MemberSpace?

A number of our clients kept asking us for a way to add member logins to their website so we started researching solutions. Sadly, the existing tools we found had poor user experiences and coding insecurities. So of course we weren't comfortable recommending them to our clients 🙅‍♀️

After doing more research, we found out member logins were in fact one of the most requested website features. Our team felt it made sense to build a tool which met the quality standards people expected - so we went ahead and launched MemberSpace in 2015 🤘

What's MemberSpace's mission?

Our mission is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a sustainable membership business anywhere on the internet 😊