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Cookies are valid for 60 days. If a lead clicks your link and becomes a paying MemberSpace customer within this period, you will earn a commission. Commissions are based on a first-click basis within these 60 days. If a lead signs up after that 60-day window, you wouldn’t get credited with that commission.

The 12-month commission period begins from the day a customer pays. For instance, if a customer’s trial expires and they continue with a paid subscription, or if they upgrade to a paid subscription at any point during their free trial, you’ll receive commissions for the next following 12 months. The 12-month period starts from the date a customer pays.

If a customer decides to pay annually for the Professional Plan, you will still earn a 50% commission ($234 once).

Commissions will remain active for up to 12 months as long as the customer remains active. If a referred customer cancels, commissions will end.

Payouts are at the beginning of each month.

All commissions are paid via PayPal.

Yes. Your affiliate link includes a 10% discount off your referrals’ first year of the MemberSpace Professional Plan. The discount is automatically applied when a referral selects either billing option for the Professional Plan within 60 days of clicking your affiliate link.

Your legacy affiliate commissions will not be affected unless you join the Partner Program. As a legacy affiliate, you can still use your existing affiliate token and earn 25% recurring commission when someone you refer joins our Professional Plan.

If you join the Partner Program, all of your existing and new referrals will assume the new affiliate terms (50% recurring commission for 12 months). Any commissions for referrals older than a year will end.

It’s not possible to return to the legacy Affiliate Program if you join the Partner Program.