Use Cases

10,000+ creators, entrepreneurs, and business have earned over 250 million dollars by turning their passion into profit using MemberSpace.

Teach yoga online from anywhere in the world. Sell membership access, courses, video access and more. 

Launch a meditation membership site and gate your member-only videos, live zooms, and more.

Teach fitness online and lock your videos, podcasts, and community behind a paywall on your website.

Share your health and wellness lifestyle with a membership business using your own website.

Launch a membership for runners or hikers. Gate your community behind a paywall on your site.

Build an online business and teach music lessons to anyone in the world. Teach 1:1 or group classes over zoom.

Teach anything to anyone from anywhere in the world. Sell 1:1 or group classes over live-zoom sessions.

Grow a membership business for photographers and videographers and gate content behind a paywall. 

Share you love for food and recipes through an online member-only community for food and recipe lovers.

Launch your coaching business with 1:1 classes, group membership, online courses a content library and more.

Create a sense of community with a membership business. Turn any part of your site into members-only.

Turn your self-published books, serial novels, short stories, and other writing into income.