Try MemberSpace, a Podia alternative!

MemberSpace is a more flexible and affordable alternative to Podia. We offer better and more advanced features that generate more revenue. 

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Podia Alternative

$250 million earned with MemberSpace!

Compared to Podia, MemberSpace has better and more advanced membership management features.

Use your website

Sell any product using any website platform including Squarespace, WordPress, Notion, and more.

Better payment options

Charge recurring, single or multiple payments. Accept Google Pay, Apple Pay or any credit card.

Sell any products​

Sell online courses, newsletters, podcasts, community access, content libraries and more.

Flexible and customizable

White-label everything, add your colors, your wording, and your styles so you can grow your brand.

Way more features

Use our advanced, membership management  features to generate way more revenue.

Affordable pricing

After your trial, we only charge $39/mo plus a small transaction fee, but only when you sell a product.

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Listen to our customers!

MemberSpace has the best customers in the world. Listen to what they say about their experience and success. Learn why we are the best alternative to using Podia. 

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How it works

Our software includes everything you need to launch, and grow your membership business.

Install MemberSpace

Copy and paste our small snippet of code on your website. Any website works. Usually takes about 2 minutes.

Lock pages on your site

Add a member paywall around the pages of your website that contain your digital products.

Sell membership access!

Sell and manage your members with the best member management software in the universe!


No credit card required

Looking for a Podia alternative?

MemberSpace is a flexible alternative to Podia that gives you 100% design control and better tools for growing and scaling your membership business.