YouTube channels for WordPress training

15 Best YouTube Channels for WordPress Training

For most entrepreneurs, YouTube is the number one go-to resource whenever they hit a roadblock and can’t figure out how to do something on their WordPress site. But finding exactly what you need within the sea of online information isn’t always easy. Plus, not every WordPress ‘expert’ is as experienced or knowledgeable as they claim. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on the best YouTube channels for WordPress.

Table of Contents

  • The 15 Best YouTube Channels for WordPress
  • 1 – Tyler Moore
  • 2 – Darrel Wilson
  • 3 – Ferdy Korpershoek
  • 4 – WP Beginner
  • 5 – Adam Preisler – WP Crafter
  • 6 – Rino – LivingWithPixels
  • 7 – Bjorn Allipas – WPLearningLab
  • 8 – Paul Charlton – WPTuts
  • 9 – Create WP Site
  • 10 – Kori Ashton – WordPress Wednesdays
  • 11 – Martie – Let’s Build WP Together
  • 12 – Jakson
  • 13 – Kaycinho The Digital Alchemist
  • 14 – PluginTut
  • 15 – Thomas McGee

The 15 Best YouTube Channels for WordPress

WordPress is the perfect platform to help you build a sustainable membership business without the need for coding. Easy to use, set up, and update, it’s the most popular content management system with an impressive 43% of the market share.

The dashboard is intuitive and can be used by anyone. However, getting to grips with the various features, themes, tools, and plugins can be challenging. That’s where YouTube explainer videos, tutorials, and how-to guides are worth their weight in gold. Entrepreneurs who become adept at sourcing information and making their own website fixes spend less on developers and have more resources available to drive their membership business forward.

Of course, your time is also valuable. So skip the hours of research and jump straight to the content you need with this list of the 15 best YouTube channels for WordPress training.

1. Tyler Moore

Tyler is a powerhouse of WordPress content and has gained a loyal following based on his direct and informative style that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get to grips with all aspects of WordPress website design and functionality. What makes Tylers channel the best YouTube channel for WordPress training? His flagship video, How To Make a WordPress Website in 2022, promises to help his followers make a website in just 1 hour. In addition to covering the website basics, Tyler also offers additional tutorials with valuable insights on how to make your website into an online storeadd a blog, and incorporate a booking form.

2. Darrel Wilson

Darrel is incredibly active on YouTube and adds new content up to twice weekly. His videos have helped thousands of people to create e-commerce businesses online, and he’s gained a trustworthy reputation through his promise of “No BS, and no paid courses. Just FREE WordPress tutorials”. Darrel focuses on helping entrepreneurs ditch the ugly self-built website look in favour of a fresh and modern style. In addition to covering the basics of Elementor and WooCommerce, his content also covers tutorials on email marketing through Mailchimp and SEO plugins like RankMath PRO.

3. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy’s channel is dedicated to videos about WordPress website creation and WordPress-related tools. His tutorials cover Elementor, Elementor Pro, and Divi, in addition to marketing tools like Convertkit. Ferdy’s channel stands out as one of the best YouTube channels for WordPress because of the extra information he provides for entrepreneurs. In addition to website set-up and optimization through Yoast SEO and RankMath, he also talks about video creation, affiliate marketing, and the mindset behind a successful business operation.

4. WP Beginner

As the name suggests, this channel helps complete beginners make their own WordPress site through a wide variety of video tutorials and guides. Uploading up to 10 dedicated WordPress-related videos per month, WP Beginner content covers everything from how to build your WordPress website to SEO tipscreating booking forms, and help with Google Analytics. Undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for WordPress glitches and quick fixes, it’s how-to and help videos cover everything from how to create reusable social media blocks to fixing redirect errors.

5. Adam Preisler – WP Crafter

An excellent resource for non-technical entrepreneurs, Adam’s content is particularly beneficial for MemberSpace clients thanks to his detailed guide on how to create a membership site using WordPress. Historically focussed on the many intricacies of Woocommerce, Adam’s tutorials include helpful content for e-commerce sites, such as how to add variation swatches and theme updates for 2022. This year, Adam has launched his own e-commerce platform as an alternative to WooCommerce.

6. Rino – LivingWithPixels

Living with Pixels is a go-to resource for anything Elementor and Elementor Pro-related, and is one of the best YouTube channels for WordPress cheats and workarounds. Far from being a poster child for the software, Rino is vocal about the drawbacks and improvements needed, and helpful in introducing ways that entrepreneurs can circumvent common problems and roadblocks. Examples include problems with the 1140 default width and how to use Elementor’s Hotspot widget. Rino also provides practical help and guidance on what works and what doesn’t with evaluative tutorials like why is this website not selling, and does this website have too many animations.

7. Bjorn Allipas – WPLearningLab

Another Elementor-focussed channel, Bjorn provides tips and tutorials on all aspects of building a small business website that is easy to design, update, and maintain. In response to commonly searched problems, his collection of videos covers everything from adding a blog page to creating scrolling text and adding custom links. Bjorn is particularly passionate about helping self-developers speed up Elementor-built pages with optimization plugins. He also offers several online courses on topics ranging from SEO and website security to email marketing.

8. Paul Charlton – WPTuts

With a tagline of ‘WordPress made easy’ and a steady flow of new tutorials every week, Paul specializes in step-by-step guides that provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to build WordPress websites without coding. Paul is particularly proactive in educating his followers about new features and updates, with tutorials including Bricks Builder 1.5 and the new features of Elementor 3.7. He’s also put together some helpful videos that reduce research time by providing lists of other websites and tools that new entrepreneurs may find useful. Examples include 14 FREE Online Developer Tools You Wish You Knew About Sooner and 12 Most Useful Websites For Web Designers.

9. Create WP Site

Aimed at complete beginners, Create WP Site guides new entrepreneurs through the steps of installing WordPress, navigating the dashboard, choosing themes, and editing and updating their site. The WordPress for Beginners 2022 video covers all the basic elements, and additional content covers stand-alone topics like how to change your password and how to create jump links. For those just starting out and looking for a one-channel approach to WordPress training, this is a fantastic resource.

10. Kori Ashton – WordPress Wednesdays

Kori Ashton is a CEO, keynote speaker, YouTuber and business coach. She has a passion for all things WordPress, with a particular focus on Divi. As her channel name suggests, Kori posts weekly content on WordPress plugins, themes, fixes, breaks, and addons. Truly one of the best YouTube channels for WordPress when it comes to diversity of content, Kori covers a range of frequently searched topics that often leave entrepreneurs Googling for answers. Examples include how to create animations and scroll effectsadding zoom effects to images, and how to build scrolling pop-ups.

11. Martie – Let’s Build WP Together

Another of the best YouTube channels for WordPress beginners, Martie keeps his videos simple and effortlessly breaks down content into short tutorials that cover individual topics in just a few minutes. This is excellent news for entrepreneurs wanting to take their time and build their WordPress site step by step, rather than getting lost in 30-60 minute videos that can feel overwhelming when you’re just starting out. Martie’s 2022 update on how to install WordPress for beginners is accompanied by many smaller snippets covering everything from creating new pages and adding clickable links to more complex training on adding HTML and how to build a WordPress website using the super popular Astra theme.

12. Jakson

Much of Jakson’s content focuses on using JetEngine by Crocoblock and Elementor Pro to create a dynamic WordPress website without the need for any coding. His updated WordPress tutorial for 2022 gives an in-depth overview of how the Elementor Cloud can install WordPress, themes, plugins, and configure an SSL certificate in just a few clicks. Although not as active as some of the other contributors on this list, his subscriber numbers and high volume of video views still keep him firmly within the top 15.

13. Kaycinho The Digital Alchemist

While his content contains a whole playlist of Elementor Navigation tutorials and some helpful videos on WordPress plugins and top web design trends that may be helpful for new entrepreneurs, Kaycinho’s channel is primarily focused on subscribers who want to become successful website developers and designers on a full-time basis. Many of his videos are geared toward helping new WordPress developers with how to get better at web design sales and strategies for how to find web design clients online.

14. PluginTut

PluginTut offers everything from short 2-minute explainer videos to half-hour how-to guides and hour-long live streams with other industry leaders like Paul Charlton and Spencer Forman. It is one of the best YouTube channels for WordPress entrepreneurs looking to build a membership site because it has videos that cover restricting WordPress content access with a content control plugin. Those looking to create a podcast may also find his Elementor Cloud podcast tutorial beneficial.

15. Thomas McGee

Thomas’s YouTube channel is not dedicated to WordPress like the others we’ve mentioned so far. Rather, he focuses on all manner of computer-based and tech content for newbies. Topics range from Mac vs PC debates to task management apps and tips on creating photo and video content. That said, his introductory videos covering WordPress setupcontent creation, and content management are a good introduction for beginners, and will help you gain a fair understanding of the basics before you explore other WordPress channels to learn more about specific functions, plugins, and addons.

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