15 Best YouTube Channels for Notion Training

Learning how to use any new piece of software takes time. So skip the hours of research and find the tips and tutorials you need with this handy guide on the best YouTube channels for Notion.

What’s Notion? We’re glad you asked! Launched in 2018, Notion is a project management software tool with over 30 million registered users. The platform helps creators and entrepreneurs to plan meetings, coordinate deadlines, set objectives, and manage assignments effectively to boost productivity.

Individuals and teams worldwide use Notion to stay connected and on track. With customizable dashboards and automated workflow processes for everything from online content management to scheduling new product launches, it’s a fantastic tool for optimizing efficiency across the board.

The 15 Best YouTube Channels for Notion

Notion gives every team member access to the relevant information, data, and planning tools they need to get their job done and work towards their goals. But, like any new software, it can take time to adjust and interact with it efficiently to improve communication, engagement, and productivity. Hit fast-forward that process by following the best YouTube channels for Notion tutorials and training:

1. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a podcaster with an interesting backstory. Formerly a doctor, he specializes in videos focusing on tools and strategies that help people lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives. So it’s no surprise that Notion is his project management software of choice to transform his creative process and manage his team and content. His Youtube channel includes a full playlist on how he uses Notion encompassing note-taking, creating workflows, and how to use Notion as a resonance calendar.


2. Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is a YouTuber, podcaster, and author with a passion for helping people become more capable. Best known for his YouTube channel exploring productivity and personal development topics, Thomas uses Notion to run his entire business. – from project management to small tasks and managing the company wiki. Thomas has amassed a whole library of Notion-related content and templates, including a complete course for beginners and this tutorial covering 10 ways to work faster in Notion.


3. Francesco D’Alessio

Francesco is the host of a two-man YouTube channel called Keep Productive and the co-creator of the Bento Methodology course. Together with cameraman and editor, Steve, he explores various productivity software options and provides weekly lessons on how to use them. In his quest to provide people with more productive work and life balances, Francesco has hosted several Notion tutorials on topics ranging from managing a weekly agenda to how to use Notion backlinks.


4. Notion Official Channel

It’s hardly surprising that this team ranks on our list of best YouTube channels for Notion training. Following the official channel cuts out all the noise and allows you to search for exactly what you need. All of the usual ‘how to’ and ‘getting started’ guides cover the main bases, and additional videos cover specific topics like how to build a help center and connecting other tools so you can hone your use towards specific business needs and goals.


5. Tom Solid

Tom’s YouTube channel, aptly named The Paperless Movement, focuses on giving creators and entrepreneurs the tools they need to access business information and data efficiently. With 16 years of experience in big industries and academic institutions, Tom (real moniker Dr. Thomas Roedl) promotes Notion as an overarching productivity solution. He provides hints and tips on features like simple tables and offers an entire course on how to create interconnected notes with Notion.


6. August Bradley

August Bradley runs Life Design, a company that leverages Notion specifically as a platform to help people identify and achieve what matters to them most. He has designed a whole Life Operating System using Notion to enhance focus and bring alignment. August’s comprehensive YouTube offering totals over 50 Notion-specific videos, including an annual review and dedicated Notion courses for individuals and teams looking to achieve enhanced and optimum performance.


7. Better Creating

Better Creating is a Notion-focussed channel that provides strategies for better task management encompassing dashboard use, habit trackers, and daily logs, among many other techniques. Frontman Simon describes Notion as his second digital brain for managing his life, and encourages others to do the same. His content provides numerous tutorials on specific topics like database use and workflow automation, and he offers a range of templates, including an all-in-one digital productivity tool & life operating system built entirely in Notion.


8. Red Gregory

Another Notion-specific channel, Red Gregory is a Notion ambassador who shares tips and tricks on optimizing workspaces and improving your experiences on the platform. Catering to all user levels, from beginner to pro, content includes over 200 video tutorials on dashboards, formulas, planners, page designs, goal setting, etc. In addition to content that explains specific features like calendar use and slice functions, Red Gregory also provides templates and widerscale tips on topics like Notion for mental clarity and Notion for Finance.


9. Marie Poulin

With over a decade of experience teaching digital business owners how to optimize for success, Marie provides Notion training that helps businesses of any size better manage insights, ideas, and goals. She specializes in making notion themes complete with all the components (databases) and step-by-step instructions that users need to build a tailormade version of Notion that fits their needs. Tutorials include everything from new database features to weekly agenda and review functions. You can learn more in her comprehensive Course on Notion Mastery.


10. Peter Akkies

Peter’s channel focuses on multiple topics centering around one common theme: teaching people how to be more productive. He utilizes several approaches, including blogs, courses, podcasts, and YouTube videos. In his Notion tutorials, Peter successfully creates a feeling of ease about investing (both financially and emotionally) in the platform. His videos help users to track their goals with Notion to maintain an overall focus on big-picture productivity.


11. William Nutt

William is the founder of Nutt Labs, a digital strategy firm and Notion consultancy. He’s created a range of Notion tutorials, templates, and webcasts as the brain behind Notion VIP. His YouTube channel features multiple explainer videos that help users get to grips with all of Notion’s primary functions, more complex features, and updates. Examples include how to create flowcharts from Notion databasesthe finer points of simple tables, and enhanced comments explained.


12. The Productive Dude (Carter)

Carter specializes in teaching people how to use low-code software to build tools, and templates that suit life and work. So it’s no surprise that he’s a fan of Notion and favors it over other project management software options. He openly markets his channel as one of the best YouTube channels for Notion training and promises his most recent guide, the Full Notion Tutorial for Beginners in 2022, will be the only Notion tutorial you’ll need this year.


13. Mickey Mellen

Mickey’s channel is dedicated to helping people make the most of Notion. He is the technical director of GreenMellen agency, which helps clients with all manner of technical and business advice. However, his YouTube channel focuses almost exclusively on Notion, and he updates his content regularly (pretty much daily). Mickey provides hints and tricks on virtually every aspect, including overviews of formulasdatabases, and pages and detailed content covering specific intricacies like properties, views, filtering, and sorting.


14. Celine Linesse


Celine is a productivity systems specialist who promotes Notion as a tool to accelerate personal, creative, and business growth. Her Notion-based membership plans provide resources like templates, tutorials, tips, and free downloads. For a comprehensive overview, check out her Youtube video on how she uses Notion to plan life, work, and projects in 2022.

15. The Notion Coach (Dave)

You’d expect an account called The Notion Coach to be one of the best YouTube channels for Notion training, and Dave does not disappoint. With a solid back-history in digital strategy and productivity optimization, Dave’s content covers everything from atomic journaling and task dashboards to a live session on setting goals in Notion, helping users gain more focus and less friction. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest training content from Dave, make sure to subscribe to his newsletter.


Learning how to optimize your processes and productivity is essential if you are to reach your business goals while still making time for the people and things you love. Getting better at using Notion will help you do just that, so we hope this breakdown of the best YouTube channels for Notion training will help you find what you’re looking for.

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