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Visual Media Church provides modern media and graphics for churches to 1,500+ members. Below is their MemberSpace case study which contains website screenshots of their membership setup along with a short founder interview.

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Home Page

Visual Media Church's home page gets right to point. They open with a short paragraph establishing their credibility and then jump right into a nicely designed pricing table with options to join different member plans. Establishing credibility and an obvious sign up area helps remove many visitor's initial friction.

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Sales Page

Visual Media Church uses their home page as their main sales page as well. They have a pricing table with clear descriptions about what each of their member plans offer along with an option to pay annually. Annual payments are a great strategy for increasing lifetime value of customers and reducing cancellations.

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Member Navigation

After paying to become a member, people visit this navigation page which Visual Media Church designed. They use their own product's stock imagery to help make the page visually interesting. Using images along with words like this has been proven to help people remember navigation options better.

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Member Pages & Content

Here is one of the member pages they provide for their members. This page uses Squarespace's Commerce functionality to allow members to add various media to their cart which they can then download. Alternatively they could use our Content Links feature to achieve a similar result for members.

visual media church member page screenshot
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Interview with the Founder

Why did you start your business?

Visual Media Church (VMC) was born in June 2016 out of a frustration with church media, it seemed to all be the same. At the time there was no one innovating, there were a lot of great companies doing great work but they were just doing the same thing as one another. VMC was created with a mission of being different and having a focus on the real, the tangible. I personally have a passion for being outdoors, film production, and photography so I made that the focus of the media created.

The problem we were solving. We were not the first to start creating media specifically for churches, our advantage is that we were able to (1) do things different from our competitors (2) do it cheaper than our competitors (3) learn from watching our competitors make mistakes with their members.

Our competitors were all in 2016 focused on doing Particle Sims, lines and shapes, and very dated looking motion graphics because really they were not keeping up with modern design and trends. If you looked at our top 3 competitors when launched in 2016 their work was almost indistinguishable from each other. What was amazing was that no one was outside in the world capturing and collecting real-world footage, they were so focused on their After Effects creations that they couldn't see how tired it had become (and still is).

When I decided to launch VMC I did it with a strict budget in mind, I would only invest $2500 all in to create the website, content, hosting, and marketing. I would give it 6 months to break even and if it didn't do that in that time frame I would abandon the idea. The only way to make VMC truly bootstrap was to do all the work myself, and Squarespace was the perfect tool for that. I have a bit of history with web work but Squarespace allowed me to set up the framework for an online business at a really affordable cost. Once I had set up the website I began searching for a membership controller or manager that could plug right in to Squarespace, I found a few options but MemberSpace had all the tools I needed to make the membership site I wanted, it had great customer service, and it was really easy to setup, install, and maintain. When I did get confused or lost the MemberSpace team was there within a few minutes to show me what was wrong, 100% of the time it was my own error but they were able to fix it.

I wish I could say that the model of my business was my own creation but it isn't. VMC is an improvement on predecessors, I watched my competitors make sub-par products that cost too much that didn't look good. I was able to see how my competitors did not make a good product, it was often repetitive, uninspired, and stale. VMC is always willing to push the envelope. We weren't the first business in the Church Media world but we were the first to release our products in 4K, ProRes files, create 4K and 5K drone backgrounds, stock video/photos, intro videos, and templates.

How does your business model work?

Our business model is fairly simple, we have our premium membership at $25/Month or $300/Year and that gets you unlimited access to all the content. We have a few partnership memberships with other sites for some extra savings but that is essentially what we are creating. The membership works well because we release new content each week in all of our categories so members can log in and download whatever they need whenever they need it.

How do you continue to build your membership?

Our approach to getting customers has been to simply spread what we are doing through word of mouth, Facebook groups, and a small amount of Facebook/Instagram marketing.

How do you keep cancellations down?

Our members stay with us because we offer a great ratio of Value to Cost. Our content is easily worth thousands of dollars anywhere else and our members being churches often have smaller media budgets. Our content can help sustain their live services and concerts (worship backgrounds), social media strategy (social media video, posts, templates), video creations (stock video), and graphic design needs (stock photos).