Duda Membership Guide

Want to create and sell member-only content from your Duda site? We created this guide to help you launch your membership with confidence.

How to Build a Membership on Duda

Duda is a great choice for building and managing client websites—and that includes membership sites. It’s easy to add customizable membership plans and pages to any Duda site with either the Duda Membership app or MemberSpace. Learn more about the differences between each method, so you can pick the right option for your business or agency.

Duda Membership App: Is It Right for You?

Web designers and developers love Duda thanks to its flexible CMS and features that make it easy to manage multiple client sites. With the release of Duda’s Membership App, users now have multiple options for building membership websites. This guide will walk you through all the main features and limitations of the Duda Membership App, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the right choice for your business.

Duda Membership Sites: 3 Awesome Examples

Thanks to Duda’s flexible CMS, eCommerce functionality, and blogging capabilities, it’s a great platform for creating membership sites of all types. Take a peek at how several entrepreneurs used Duda to build successful membership businesses including courses, live Zoom calls, one-on-one coaching, and more.

How Agencies Can Build Duda Membership Sites for Clients

You want to build membership sites for your clients but don’t want the hassle of creating multiple logins and billing accounts for your agency. And you want a seamless way to transfer ownership to your client when it makes sense. MemberSpace makes it super easy for agencies to build and manage Duda membership site for clients in an efficient and scalable way.
MemberSpace made it easy to add a members-only area to my existing site, so I get the best of both worlds – a robust website and full membership functionality.

Mamie Kanfer - CEO & Founder of Meeteor

I recommend MemberSpace on my blog (it’s my favorite membership tool!). Being an affiliate allows me to make recurring income while being helpful to other business owners.

Melissa Norton, Five Design Co.