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Who We Are

MemberSpace is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company whose mission is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a sustainable membership business anywhere on the internet.

Starting a business is hard, especially for those that are less tech-literate. Therefore, our team focuses heavily on customer support and being empathetic to anyone who contacts us. This value is deep in our roots as a business and something we’ve emphasized since day one šŸ¤—.

Here’s moreĀ about our team and story.

The Role

We are looking for a Senior Designer to join our Growth team. We’re expecting you to give a full-time effort (around 35-40 hours/week) working on MemberSpace.

We pride ourselves on being a low-stress and calm company who encourages all members of the team to think about the strategic direction of the product and pitch ideas they have.

Your role will be to make anything customer-facing beautiful while also having an intuitive user experience. As Dieter Rams said “Nothing should be arbitrary or left to chance. Thoroughness and precision are expressions of respect for the user.”

You will be on a 3-person team which includes our Head of Growth and Growth Coordinator.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • Product UI & UX design
  • Website design & maintenance along with a possible redesign
  • Blog post banner graphics/illustrations
  • Social media banner graphics/illustrations
  • Animated videos/product UI videos (e.g. Facebook ads)
  • Email newsletter design (we use Mailchimp)
  • Evolution of ourĀ style guide
  • Other visual assets


  • We are a mostly asynchronous company, so you’ll need to be able to write and communicate very clearly.
  • You are able to mostly overlap with a 10am to 6pm ET (Monday to Friday) schedule.
  • A strong background in designing software UI & UX.
  • A strong background in graphic design.
  • An eagerness and curiosity to learn new tools or mediums you may be unfamiliar with.

Why you might want to work with us

  • Our company works 100% remotely.
  • We do annual profit sharing (we’re bootstrapped and profitable).
  • We are a low-stress and calm company.
  • We have very few meetings.
  • We encourage you to take multiple breaks during the day and not work more than 40 hours a week so you can stay balanced and sustainable.
  • We have a friendly team who are all kind people and treat each other with respect.

Why you might not want to work with us

  • We’re still a small company (12 people total) so there won’t be as much structure and process as there are at larger companies.
  • We want everyone on the team to help us innovate and create better systems for the company.
  • You’ll need to be a self-starter and bring ideas to us. Of course we’ll give you tasks, but part of your job will involve you telling us what you think needs to be improved and worked on.

Hiring and Onboarding

  • You will not need to do any type of puzzle or test project.
  • Once you’re hired you’ll follow our simple step-by-step onboarding process.
  • Our Head of Growth will help you onboard by doing daily Zoom calls for the first week or so to help answer your questions and set you up for success.

Pay & Benefits

  • Salary range between $75,000 – $100,000 plus profit sharing.
  • Unlimited vacation policy.
  • If USA-based: premiums covered 90% for medical, 100% for dental & vision.
  • Read about all our benefits.

How To Apply

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