Who We Are

MemberSpace is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company whose mission is to help non-technical entrepreneurs build a sustainable membership business anywhere on the internet.

Starting a business is hard, especially for those that are less tech-literate. Therefore, our team focuses heavily on customer support and being empathetic to anyone who contacts us. This value is deep in our roots as a business and something we’ve emphasized since day one 🤗.

Here’s more about our team and story.

The Role

We are looking for a Senior Product Designer to join our team. We’re expecting you to give a full-time effort (around 35-40 hours/week) working on MemberSpace.

We pride ourselves on being a low-stress and calm company.

We’re looking for a highly motivated person who has many years of experience designing UI and UX used at scale. We want someone who has taken ideas from an initial thought all the way to being in production for a SaaS platform and then measured the impact and iterated on the end result until it accomplished the initial goal.

There’s a huge difference between making something that looks good in a mockup and making something that actually works well for customers. We are looking for someone who knows how to do both.

You must have extensive experience implementing UI and UX ideas into software that is actually used by many customers. We also want someone who knows the job isn’t done after their idea is in production, they need to know how to create and run experiments to review usage data to ensure the design worked as expected.

Here is a list of tasks you may be doing in this role:

  • Creating wireframes and mockups
  • Helping think through our roadmap priorities
  • Helping to refine/reshape our entire onboarding experience
  • Figuring out how to continually make our software easier to use
  • Coming up with new features / enhancements
  • Telling us what product analytics we should be tracking
  • Redesigning our marketing website
  • Redesigning our product backend


  • We are a mostly asynchronous company, so you’ll need to be able to write and communicate very clearly
  • You are able to mostly overlap with a 10am to 6pm ET (Mon to Fri) schedule.
  • You are a good copywriter and know that words used in a design are just as critical as the colors
  • You can create low fidelity and high fidelity mockups and wireframes
  • You are comfortable writing up clear and detailed feature pitches for developers to implement
  • You are comfortable using analytics software (e.g. Mixpanel) to make decisions
  • You are comfortable creating and interpreting surveys for customers & prospects
  • You are comfortable interviewing customers and prospects to gain deeper insights
  • Nice-to-have: You are a talented graphic designer
  • Nice-to-have: You are familiar with HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Why you might want to work with us

  • Our company works 100% remotely
  • We do an annual 10% profit sharing with no cap (we’re bootstrapped and profitable)
  • We are a low-stress and calm company
  • We have very few meetings
  • We encourage you to take multiple breaks during the day and not work more than 40 hours a week so you can stay balanced and sustainable
  • We have a friendly team who are all kind people and treat each other with respect

Why you might not want to work with us

  • We’re still a small company (12 people total) so there won’t be as much structure and process as there are at larger companies
  • We want everyone on the team to help us innovate and create better systems for the company
  • You’ll need to a self-starter and bring ideas to us. Of course we’ll give you tasks, but a lot of your job will involve you telling us what you think needs to be improved and worked on.

Pay & Benefits

  • Salary will range between $100,000 – $120,000 based on experience
  • 10% profit sharing with no cap (we’re bootstrapped and profitable)
  • Fully paid health, dental, and vision coverage (if USA-based)
  • Unlimited vacation policy, 20 day minimum
  • Read about all our benefits here

How To Apply

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