Live Membership Business Coaching

Thursdays, 3-4pm EDT

Get expert feedback on the sales, marketing, and product management of your membership!

Available on our Professional Plan



Hosted by our Membership Business Coach, Sarah

Sarah has helped hundreds of membership business owners build, launch and grow memberships of all types.

Membership business or strategy questions? We’re here to help! Sarah can work with you to review sales and marketing assets like ad copy or landing pages; product management like member onboarding and feedback; and strategy decisions like launch methods and affiliate programs.

For MemberSpace tech questions, please join our weekly Live Support Hours.

How It Works

  1. Register for our weekly Membership Business Coaching Call.
  2. When you register, submit a question for Sarah to review with you live on the call and include any pertinent information (for example, if you want Sarah to review a sales page or social media post, include a link; if you want to discuss conversion rates, include the appropriate data). The more specific your question is, the better Sarah will be able to help.
  3. Come live and get coached!

Available on our Professional Plan