How to Get Your First Members... Even if You Have a Small Audience!

Wednesday, May 24, 7pm EDT

Learn how to build a thriving membership business, even when launching to a small audience.



Hosted by our Membership Business Coach, Sarah

Sarah has helped hundreds of membership business owners build, launch and grow memberships of all types.

In this free live training, we'll cover:

  • The truth about small audiences, and the number one thing you need to focus on to get sales
  • The best strategies for reaching potential members when you’re not yet known online
  • Future-proof sales and marketing tips that work across platforms and situations so you’re not stuck as you grow your audience

If you have a small audience, or haven’t successfully converted your audience before, you may be worried about launching and growing a membership business. In this free training with our Membership Business Coach, you’ll learn how to address these concerns head-on and walk away with concrete strategies to help you get your first members (even if you have a small audience!).

Join us Wednesday, May 24 at 7pm EDT!