073: Three ways to use video in your membership sales funnel – with Oliver Bridge

Oliver Bridge is the CMO at Bonjoro, an app for sending personalized videos to welcome and onboard new customers. In this episode, he joins Ward to discuss the top 3 places in your memberships funnel where you should use videos to increase your conversions.

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Ward Sandler: Welcome everyone today. I’m talking to Oli Bridge, the CMO at Bonjoro, an app for sending individual personalized videos to welcome and onboard new customers and clients. Oli has extensive knowledge of startups and marketing. Today is here to talk to us about all things video-marketing. Oli, welcome to the Membership Maker Podcast. We’re delighted to have you!

Oliver Bridge: Yeah. Good to talk to you again, excited to share some more stuff about video today!

Ward Sandler: Awesome. Video marketing is a hot topic right now. We’re seeing that nothing beats a value-driven video for increasing sales and conversions, in which part of the funnel should membership business owners use their videos for maximum effect.

Oliver Bridge: So when I think about video, I think before we sort of look at the funnel for me, like the key thing to think about video these days to have a slight mental model of like ways to use video in your funnel, so I guess like 10, 15 years ago, we were talking a lot about video hosting, and the difference today is that we’ve moved to this place where it’s not just like the video, isn’t just the domain of marketers. So anybody can use video and, like sales or business owners or customer success, whatever. So, I think there’s this sort of mental model of thinking, you know, where do I want to use it? And I always think like, if you want to drive action with video, a really good tool to use is one-to-one video. So think about personalized video. If you’re thinking about education, you know, think about like lean on like screen recordings, like pre-recorded stuff, video hosting, you know, creating landing pages for video. So I try and split up a little bit into the driving action stuff, personal and then the education stuff, but in terms of like then where you fit that into your funnel, Llike a simple way to think about it for me is really where we specialize in, where I sort of have, most of my knowledge is like conversion, retention pieces and then growth as well, and actually the growth bit is an interesting one because a lot of people, I don’t think you use video enough in the sort of growth I’m going to talk about growth and talk about like upselling or like launching new products, really sort of speaking to your existing customer base. So, you know, I would start at the top of that funnel, which is like the conversion piece. So really, you know, if you’ve got any sort of inbound funnel that you’ve created, and I’m sure like all listeners here will have some sort of inbound funnel, um, you know, video is a great place to use. Inbound funnel is a really great place to use video and to use personal video. So yeah, it was a very quick example, like bread and butter piece is someone downloads a lead magnet of yours, and you want to create an instant connection with that person. You could set up a trigger between whatever tool you use to capture your email or your contact by that lead magnet into a tool like one tomorrow, you can use another tool and you can then record that person a video to basically say, ‘Hey’, you know, so now that he downloaded it, I want to tell you a bit more about my business, or I wanted to invite you to like a pro-private Facebook community we have, or my Discord or my community on Circle or anything like that, or if these sorts of things. So, think about your inbound funnel and basically think about where would it make sense to create that connection with your lead? And always think like a lead magnet is a really good sort of bread and butter place to start.

Ward Sandler: Yeah. So I think that makes a lot of sense. And I think a lot of people would agree, like, yeah, I got a personal video from the CEO or even just someone in support. It just feels different than getting like an email, right? And we all get emails. We don’t all get personal videos from software companies, especially, or, you know, digital companies. I would think some people Might have a couple things that, that sort of what they would see as blockers though, to this, uh, you know, number one, maybe they’re camera shy or just don’t, you know, I’m just not as comfortable filming myself for whatever reason, and also they might think that, ‘Oh, that sounds like it’s going to take a lot of time to record videos’, right. If I get, you know, 10 signups for my lead magnet a day, I have to record 10 videos every day, that sounds like a lot of work, I don’t think I have time for that. So how would you kind of help those folks in terms of the time management or the time spent aspect and also the aversion to maybe filming myself?

Oliver Bridge: Yes. I think that the time spent aspect is one where there’s like two answers: One is great like funnels. So like the Bonjoro products has a thing we call funnels. It’s basically you plug into your tool and it automatically pings you and says, Hey, record a video for this new lead or this new customer, or this person has just come into your course, your membership space, so that’s really easy, And then all you need to do is get your phone out or be on your web app and record a quick video. And you can create templates for your video landing pages. So, yeah. All of that stuff can be pretty quick once you’ve got your process down once. Um, I’d also say as well, like think about the uplift. So don’t focus on the amount of time it’s going to take you think about the uplift from the thing that you’re doing. So your customer think about how they’re going to feel when they get, say for example, a personalized video for me when no other company is doing that, I guess like a great way to imagine it is to imagine that inbox, and yeah, I think of that inbox with like a hundred messages in there, a bunch unread, some red and all of them sort of feeling, quite marketingish in style. And then your video drops into that inbox with, Hey, I recorded this personal welcome for you, like personal welcome video for you. Yeah. It’s really going to peak their interest. And then when they watch it, there’s a totally different level of engagement. And then the sort of action. You can drive from that customer from that different level of engagement is quite, Kaisa so focused on the uplift. And, and look, if you can only do five a day, that’s fine, but you’re still going to get uplift from those five. If you can do 50 a day of highly productive person, that’s like finding that. Yeah. Awesome. My filter limit it’s about 30 personalized videos a day, but I know people on our team that can do a hundred, just depends on the type of person you are. And then let the aversion to video. It’s a good question. Yeah, I think we’re all, uh, I guess that’s lowering across the board now. Like we’re all having to be on video, you know, tease to recent events. Um, but do it. My big thing I would say with that is to do your videos in a place that feels comfortable and safety. Like we actually built the primary reason. We built Bonjoro quite significantly around using a mobile app is we knew that a lot of people don’t like recording videos in front of colleagues. So say if you’re in an office and someone can overhear you, like, I’m really bad at that. I just get this sort of like feeling of, ‘Oh, someone’s listening or over here and what I’m saying’ and I just sort of stumble over my words. So I always take my Bonjoro own mobile app and go for a walk at lunch or something like that. So basically do your videos in a safe space, like a safe place for youth that you feel comfortable in. Um, And don’t put too much pressure on them. You know, it only needs to be probably 30 seconds, 60 seconds, um, to have that effect on the other person. So you don’t need to be doing this highly polished thing. That’s I guess what I’m saying about the, the move from video hosting to personal video, there’s also like a natural shift and expectation from the person that’s getting it. That this thing is going to be a bit more like casual. Yeah.

Ward Sandler: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Oli. We really appreciate it. Would you like to share resources or recommendations for folks trying to learn more about Bonjoro?

Oliver Bridge: Yeah, I would. So I wrote a thing last year called the Video Funnel Playbook. This is basically just like lots of templated, like pre-built plays for how you can use video, so if you go to the video funnel playbook, you can just Google it, and it should come up at the top, then it’s about 35 different points in your funnel that you can use video to get great results.

Ward Sandler: Thanks.

Oliver Bridge: Thanks, Ward.