Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods

New Feature: Apple Pay and Google Pay

A highly requested feature is live in your MemberSpace: You can now accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay!

These additional quick-pay options make it easier than ever for your customers to purchase your memberships or digital products.

Learn more about the payment methods your customers can use with MemberSpace.

Increase your conversion rates

Apple Pay and Google Pay allow customers to purchase your offerings without manually entering their credit card information. Current users of these digital wallets will have a simple, one-click option to complete their purchase.

Increased convenience = increased conversion! 

That’s why quick-pay options like Apple Pay and Google Pay can help increase sales and grow your revenue. 🎉

Using Apple Pay and Google Pay with MemberSpace

Good news — for sites on most website platforms, there’s nothing you need to do to enable these new payment methods for your customers! By default, both Apple Pay and Google Pay will automatically appear on your MemberSpace payment form for any customers for whom they apply (see below).

To enable Apple Pay on Carrd, custom HTML,, and sites, you’ll need to follow a quick setup process.

Apple Pay payment method

When a customer uses either Apple Pay or Google Pay, their payment will be processed by MemberSpace exactly as a typical credit card transaction. That means the customer’s card info will be securely stored in your Stripe account just as it is when customers choose to pay via credit card on your payment form; the same payment method will continue to be charged for recurring or multiple payments.

Who can use Apple Pay and Google Pay

There are a few details to keep in mind with these new payment methods:
  • The payment options your customers see will depend on their device and browser. (For example, Apple Pay is only available on Apple devices.)
  • Apple Pay is available for sites on the following website platforms: Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Duda, Carrd, and all non-CMS sites (i.e. custom HTML).
With this new feature, your MemberSpace payment form will dynamically update with Apple Pay and Google Pay options (depending on the factors above), making it even more convenient for your customers to purchase your digital products or memberships.