Pricing migration improvements

Late last year, we introduced pricing migration and offered a few tips for how to use this feature to help grow your revenue. Thanks to your valuable feedback since the release, we’re excited to announce a new enhancement to pricing migration…

Schedule a non-prorated pricing update

Need to change your pricing, combine plans, or adjust the details of a subscription? You now have two options for moving your customers to a different plan en masse.

Change your customers' plans immediately

Choosing to update your customers’ plans immediately means they’ll be charged a prorated amount depending on the price difference between their current and new plans, as well as the amount of time remaining in their billing cycle. This grants customers access to the new plan’s products and protected pages instantly.


Update your customers' plans on their next billing dates

If you don’t want to prorate the first payment for each of your customers on the new plan, you can instead schedule the plan update for their next billing date. This means each customer will be moved to the new plan and charged the full amount on their respective billing date.

When a customer’s plan is scheduled to change on their next billing date, they’ll see a “Scheduled change” indication in their account area under View or cancel plans. Hovering over this notice reveals the pricing migration details, including the date of the change, along with the new plan and its specifics.

pricing migration scheduled change notice

As an admin, you’ll also see this in your MemberSpace account within your member’s details under Members > View member details.

review a customer's scheduled pricing migration

You can request a pricing migration at any time directly from your MemberSpace account by navigating to either Members or Pricing in the left navigation and clicking the Pricing Migration button. 

✨ Be sure to include in your request the name of your customers’ current plan and the new one to which you want to migrate them. Also, let us know if you’d like to migrate customers immediately or have them pay full price on their next billing date.

Pricing migrations are available for recurring payment plans.

Migration reports

After MemberSpace runs a migration on your behalf, you can find the full report in the plan migrations view under Members Pricing Migration.

With this new update, the migration report will now indicate whether your customers have already been migrated or if the migration is scheduled for your customers’ next billing dates.
pricing migration report

The CSV report contains a new Scheduled for column which will include either the date the migration was performed (if an immediate, prorated change) or the corresponding customer’s next billing date (if a scheduled change).

Additionally, the Status column will now indicate whether a customer has already been “Migrated” or is “Scheduled” to be.

Failed payments

If a customer’s payment fails during a pricing migration, they will still be moved to the new plan. However, they will be given a “past due” plan status, and MemberSpace will automatically try to recover that payment on your behalf.

If a customer schedules their current plan to be canceled on their next billing date, the migration will fail for that customer.

Changing a plan immediately with no charge

There may be a scenario where you wish to move your customers to a new plan immediately (so they can access the new plan’s assigned products/protected pages), but you don’t want to charge them again until their next billing date. Here’s what we recommend in this case:

  1. Edit the old plan and update the access criteria so it matches the new plan.
  2. Move forward with a scheduled migration.

No new customers should be joining the plan you’re moving members away from, so this should help you give customers the new plan’s benefits without charging them for the new plan until their next billing date.

Follow the steps in the link below to start a pricing migration and optimize your MemberSpace plans to meet your business goals!

Pricing migrations are available for recurring payment plans.