Feature Update #53

New Feature – affiliate functionality is now available!

Finally! You can now create an affiliate program for your members.

First you’ll need to enable domain white-labeling within MemberSpace. Here is a tutorial on how to do that. It’s a little technical so if you need help just message our support or reply to this email.

Next you’ll need to create an account with Rewardful the 3rd party we integrate with. Rewardful is offering you an exclusive discount: your first 6 months are $0.

Lastly, go to your Settings > Integrations > and click on Rewardful to finish the setup.

New Feature – become an affiliate of MemberSpace

For those of you out there with an audience who may benefit from using MemberSpace, you can now earn a commission for recommending us via our new affiliate program.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a free affiliate account (click here).
  2. You’ll receive a unique referral link which you can share with anyone you want (we recommend social media, writing a blog post, and adding the link somewhere prominent on your website).
  3. Whenever anyone clicks your referral link and becomes a customer you will receive 25% of the lifetime subscription revenue from that customer!

Enhancement – better plan selection user experience

We’ve made it easier for you to delete Member Plans you no longer want. Here are the only reasons why you won’t be able to delete a member plan:>

  • There are active members on the plan
  • The plan is the default in your sign up experience settings

Enhancement – increase content link file size

You can now upload content up to 300MB in size as a content link. Previously the limit was 200MB.