Feature Updates – February 2022

🎉 New Features

  • We’ve rolled out a WordPress plugin to new & existing customers, which makes it even easier and more secure to build membership sites on WordPress.
  • With the new plugin, you can: easily install MemberSpace (no need to copy and paste the install code), implement extra security for Member Pages automatically (no need to manually add extra security code to individual pages), and access protected pages as a WordPress admin (no login to MemberSpace needed).
  • In the future, we plan to add more functionality to the plugin e.g. being able to add or remove Member Pages directly in WordPress without having to go to the MemberSpace backend.

💪 Enhancements

  • Look & Feel… got a slightly new look and feel! We simplified UI: users will now choose a specific view and element before its available styling options will appear. We’ve added a new view and styling options for the Member Button, the default floating button that appears on your website when your members log in or access their account information. Here’s a video overview of this new feature.