Feature Updates – January 2022

🎉 New Features

  • You’ll now be able to view total Member Pages and Content Link views from your dashboard, and you can easily expand the information by clicking it and exporting it. Here’s a video overview of this new feature.

💪 Enhancements

  • Now, our re-send invite email links to specific plans. Previously, when you clicked ‘Re-send Invite’ on your member details dashboard, the person would get an email with the All Plans sign-up link, regardless of what plan they were initially manually invited to. With our new enhancement, this email will have a link to the actual plan they were originally invited to instead of just defaulting to all public plans, unless you’ve selected the “Allow members to choose from all public plans” option. Here’s a video overview of this new feature.
  • In an effort to improve Member Email deliverability rates, we’ve changed the From Address on all emails sent via MemberSpace to [email protected]. This change will not affect anyone who has already set up email white-labeling with us or your Reply-To Address. Previously if you changed the From Address to your own domain (e.g., [email protected]) but didn’t set up email white-labeling, some email clients would regard the emails as spoofing and send them to spam. If you want to change your From Address, you’ll need to go through our email white-labeling process and be on our Advanced Plan so we can ensure deliverability rates remain high.