How to Create a Divi Membership Site

Divi is a great choice for building membership sites on WordPress. You have incredible control over exactly how your WordPress membership site looks and functions. When paired with MemberSpace, you can create a flexible and affordable Divi membership site – here’s how it works.

What is Divi?

Divi is a WordPress theme and a visual page builder that allows you to design beautiful WordPress sites without any coding. You can see exactly what any front-end changes to your site look like in real-time as you drag, drop, and resize different elements.

While the Divi builder doesn’t lock you into one particular theme configuration, you don’t have to start from a blank slate, either. Divi layout packs make it easy to get started and build a WordPress site that has almost all the features you need and want.

It only costs $89 per year to use Divi. If you like it, you can also purchase lifetime access for a one-time payment of $249. There are no extra charges to use Divi for your clients’ websites either! This makes it a great choice for web designers who are interested in offering Divi membership sites as a paid service.

Divi sites are also fully compatible with other WordPress plugins for commerce, marketing, membership management, and more.

Why build a membership site?

Memberships are a straightforward way to charge for products and services. You can use a membership site for:

When you build your membership site with Divi and WordPress, you get complete control over its look and feel. You also own all of your content, and can mix and match content types. Want to sell access to in-person bookings, pre-recorded videos, and downloads? With the right WordPress membership plugin, you can do all of that on one site.

What to look for in a membership plugin

Flexibility is essential when selecting a membership plugin. You want to use a service that fully integrates with your Divi site, and doesn’t force you to use a specific template. It’s also a good idea to look for:

  • Support for multiple plan and billing types
  • Member approval and management tools
  • A way to easily communicate with all of your members
  • The ability to offer free trials or coupons
  • Upselling and down-selling tools to help you get and retain members

Why use MemberSpace’s WordPress membership plugin?

MemberSpace lets you do all of the above, and never restricts your website design or style. Members can access their account details through an unobtrusive button or link, and you can customize the way that member dashboards look. This creates a cohesive experience that will feel natural, not jarring, to anyone using your site.

With MemberSpace’s WordPress membership plugin, you can also:

  • Implement any kind of content restriction
  • Add an optional second layer of security on members-only videos or downloads
  • Connect to a variety of apps and services through Zapier
  • Add a community area to your site with our Circle single-sign on integration
  • Create multiple membership levels
  • Securely process payments through the Stripe payment gateway

MemberSpace is affordable, too. Get started using MemberSpace for free with no cap on the number of paid members you can have. Plus, you’ll get access to our VIP support team who is always ready to help. No waiting days for an answer to your question — our team typically replies in hours (if not minutes) and will even help you migrate all of your plans and members from another platform if you’d like to switch.

If you’re an agency owner or website designer, you can also use MemberSpace to build and manage Divi membership websites for your clients.

Start building a Divi membership site for free

If you’ve thought about building a membership site on WordPress, you can use Divi’s 30-day money-back guarantee and join MemberSpace for free to see if the combination is right for you.