Feature Updates #25

New proration rules

We’ve simplified the upgrade and downgrade process for you and your members. Now when anyone upgrades to a more costly plan we will charge them the prorated amount immediately (as opposed to applying it to their next billing period like we were doing, which caused some confusion). If someone downgrades to a less costly plan we will immediately apply a credit to their account in Stripe which will be applied against the payment on their next billing period.

Toggle custom sign up fields

We now allow you to toggle (i.e. hide/show) the custom sign up fields for your members in the View Members section. This will help reduce clutter on the page especially for those of you with multiple custom sign up fields. View screenshot

New receipt email

We added a new member email for you! It’s called the Successful Charge Receipt and it’s located in Settings > Member Emails. This email will be sent after every successful charge, so if you’re using a 3rd party or Stripe to send recurring receipts you no longer need to 🙂 View screenshot

New welcome email

We changed what used to be called the Receipt Email to the Welcome Email. Any custom wording you added is still in place so don’t worry. Since we now have an official Receipt Email we thought it made sense to turn this email into an opportunity to welcome your members. You can still adjust this email per Membership Plan as well. This email is located in Settings > Member Emails View screenshot