Feature Updates #28

You can now add tracking code which can output automatically on every page your member visits along with conversion code that will output after you member purchases a membership plan. You can use this new functionality to integrate MemberSpace with a 3rd party affiliate system such as Tapfiliate (now a legacy integration).

Keep in mind this functionality is only for advanced users who are at least somewhat comfortable with html and javascript code. View screenshot

IMPORTANT: In our opinion, you should only consider setting up an affiliate program with a 3rd party if you have already achieved product/market fit with your membership business (i.e. you have a significant amount of happily paying customers – say $1000+/month). If you don’t, then setting up an affiliate program is unlikely to help your business grow and will actually make things more complicated (more costs, more admin work, more support, etc). If you’d like to talk through these reasons further or get set up with this new feature we’re always happy to talk with you – just reply to this email or call 201-499-5193.