Feature Updates #46

New feature (Content Links) to make content security easier

This new feature has been a long time in the making. We took the best aspects from our Content Container feature and made the whole process much simpler and less technical. Now when you want to secure your content you simply upload it to MemberSpace and we give you a link for each piece of content which you can place anywhere (your website, an email, etc). You can then choose how members interact with the content link (download content, view content as a popup, or view content as an embed on your page). This will allow you to have full control over the layout and design of your secure content 🙂

IMPORTANT: If you previously created any Content Containers they will still work and you will still have access to them – but we urge you to use the Content Links feature going forward since no new development will be made for Content Containers.

Protected Pages are now called Member Pages

We made this wording change to help clarify what these pages actually are. They are pages designated for members but are not and never have been truly protected (as we explain here). With the release of Content Links, we want to strongly encourage everyone to use this new feature to protect any content you have on your Member Pages that you want to keep secure from non-members.

Bug Fix – Multiple Payment Member Plans not being deleted

We had a bug that was causing multiple payment Member Plans to not be properly deleted from Stripe, but it’s all fixed now.