Feature Updates #61

New Features

  • Backend refresh – we’ve tried to simplify the look and feel of MemberSpace. Don’t worry though almost everything is in the same place as it previously was. Note: “Settings” has been renamed to “Customize” in the top navigation.


  • When members are viewing your public Member Plan dropdown, the speed is much faster.
  • Website Toolbox integration now uses member’s first + last name and 4 random digits instead of their email as the forum username.
  • Added INR currency as an option for Member Plans.
  • You no longer need to tell us your Squarespace URL when connecting a new site to your MemberSpace account – we’ll pick that up automatically!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with not ending your MemberSpace free trial after you got to 5 members for our Side Business plan.
  • Various Website Toolbox fixes.