Feature Updates #67

New Features

  • We’re now fully integrated with Wix so you can easily add MemberSpace there now!
  • We’re also fully integrated with Jekyll the world’s most popular static site generator!
  • You can now add sign up fields per Member Plan. You can also choose to show any sign up fields after sign up (i.e. after someone pays you). Here’s a quick overview video.


  • MemberSpace is compliant with SCA (strong customer authentication). This should only affect those of you who have customers in the EU along with your business bank account (connected to Stripe) based in the EU. Most banks are not enforcing SCA yet, but that can change. The main benefit of SCA is it should cut down on declined payments and online fraud which everyone wants 👍

Bug Fixes

  • We know there have been some stability issues with our servers lately and we are incredibly sorry about that. We’re actively working with an experienced team to do a full infrastructure audit and implement significant improvements. This will take time but it’s a huge priority for us. Thank you everyone for your patience as we keep trying to improve here 🙏