Feature Updates #72


  • MemberSpace’s overall speed has significantly improved. The time is takes for things like page redirects, popups to show, and embedded content links should all be much faster!
  • The “Side Business” plan is being renamed to “Just Starting”. The price and transaction fee are identical, this is simply a name change. You will see it reflected in your account and any receipt invoices you get from us.

🚨 Safari has a major issue 🚨

The Safari browser recently changed how they handle 3rd party cookies which MemberSpace uses to function properly on your website. They implemented this change with good intentions (cracking down on ads tracking you and your data) but there have been unintended consequences.

Just to be clear, MemberSpace does not use ads or track you or your customer’s data for advertising purposes whatsoever. However, because of the way Safari has implemented this change it has caused login issues for members. This change is also causing issues for lots of other online software besides us. That being said, we know this is annoying for members and are actively working on a solution.

In the meantime, the simplest fix is for you to tell your members to use a different browser other than Safari (like Chrome or Firefox).

Another option, white-labeling your domain with MemberSpace, requires some technical setup but we’re happy to assist you with it. What this does is remove “” from any URLs you use (like a member plan sign up link) and allows you to replace it with your own subdomain (e.g. After this is setup, your members should not experience any other login issues with Safari. The downside of this is you’ll need to replace any login and/or signup links you have on your website (or anywhere else). And you’ll need to update the install code on your website. We’re happy to walk you through all of this free of charge – just message our support team.