Feature Updates #74


    • We just rolled out an amazing new Look & Feel editor. You can now simply click on various MemberSpace screens and change colors, borders, and fonts for almost any element!! To use this go to your MemberSpace backend > click Customize in the top navigation > then click Look & Feel.

      Watch a quick overview:

  • We also just released new and improved onboarding which should make the setup and installation of MemberSpace even easier for you! For our existing customers, there have been a few changes to the Customize area in your top navigation. First, the “Sign Up Experience” section is now called “General Options”. Second, your installation code and login/account links are now in Customize > Integrations > CMS (e.g. Webflow, Squarespace, etc). Third, the “Conversion Code” section has been renamed to “Code Injection”.


    • We’ve switched our support system to HelpScout (from Intercom). We hope you like the refreshed Help Doc site – we think they are much more readable 🙂

    • Now when adding/editing member pages and content links the list of member plans you can check off will only show ones that are currently enabled. This should help cut down on the list getting too long.

Bug Fixes

    • The height of popups will automatically adjust now to your screen height so there should be less scrollbars.

    • We fixed an issue we were having with embeds and Your Accounts links not showing properly on Wix.

    • Now when you cancel a member via your Stripe dashboard we will show the event in your MemberSpace backend for that member.

    • Fixed an issue with an older credit card sometimes being charged even after you updated it in your account.