Feature Updates #87

New Features

  • You can now add private member notes for each of your members. These notes will only be viewable by you and other admins (not the members). Watch our quick video overview.
  • When you create or edit any Member Plan now you will also be able to add/remove access to various integrations you’ve set up for: Circle, Muut, Castos, Community Box, and Website Toolbox (legacy). Watch our quick video overview.


  • You can now search your Member list for Custom Field answers by keyword input. Watch our quick video overview.
  • During onboarding, you can now skip the step for adding Member Pages if you want. Watch our quick video overview.
  • We’ve improved our saved revenue recovery calculation so you should see even more revenue recovered going forward

Bug Fixes

  • Now when members click “Join Plan” in the member Account area, they will no longer see any plans listed which they are already on.
  • Fixed an inconsistency when updating custom fields from the member side and the admin side. When done from the admin, empty checkboxes are saved as “no”, whereas in the member side they are stored as an empty string “”. Now they will always be stored as “no” when not checked off.