Feature Updates #9

Log In / Sign Up Form Redesign

We’re planning to improve the design of the default log in / sign up form your members see. It will have a better overall user experience and look more attractive. Here is the new design we plan to roll out ( and here is the current design we plan to phase out ( Let us know if you have any feedback!

Member Plans can be disabled

When you create a Member Plan it will be enabled by default but you might want to disable a plan in the future (price change, no longer offering it, etc). You can easily do that by disabling any Member Plan whenever you want now! View screenshot


In your Settings, under Redirects for Members, you can now make a specific Member Plan your default plan when visitors go to sign up. You can also choose to instead send visitors to any page URL you want after they create their account (but before they enter credit card details). This way you can present them with multiple plan options to choose from and sign up for. View screenshot