What is JAMstack all about?

If you’re not familiar with the term JAMstack, it’s a modern web architecture that’s used to create fast, secure sites and dynamic apps. JAM (Javascript, APIs and Markup) is just a simple terminology for developing these modern web apps.

JAMstack_conf is the conference to learn how to design, develop and deploy fast, modern web projects that run on JAMstack, without web servers.

The conference is organized by Netlify, a platform as a service (PaaS) that builds, deploys and hosts JAMstack apps. Netlify is rapidly growing in popularity and is currently used by 500,000+ developers and companies (including MemberSpace)!

Why we’re doing a diversity sponsorship

MemberSpace is proud (and pumped) to be a diversity sponsor at the 2019 JAMstack_conf_sf. This sponsorship covers the cost for 15 people from an underrepresented group to attend the conference.

We think most people in tech would agree we need more diversity of people and thoughts in the companies and products we’re all building together. By sponsoring JAMstack_conf we can do our part to help further that ideal and hopefully make a difference for these 15 folks to continue learning and networking within the JAMstack community 😊

Why MemberSpace ❤️’s JAMstack

MemberSpace uses JAMstack pretty heavily - memberspace.com is a Jekyll site hosted on Netlify. All of our customer’s websites download a JS snippet which is also hosted on Netlify (serving over 10 million requests a month). We commit code to a Github repo that auto deploys to Netlify via Codeship. And lastly, we have been using Jekyll and Netlify since 2015. You can even see the first iteration of memberspace.com here because Netlify still has all of the deploys 😅

So yea, we think JAMstack is awesome!

👉 To learn more about JAMstack_conf (and purchase a ticket), click here.