Agencies Can Build Duda Membership Sites for Clients

How Agencies Can Build Duda Membership Sites for Clients

Do you wish there was a better way to build Duda membership sites for your clients?

There are several use cases for someone wanting a membership site, e.g. starting a subscription business, a free or paid membership, a company intranet, or a website for a club or association, etc. Check out these awesome examples of Duda membership sites.

Duda is an excellent website builder and platform for agencies to build websites for their clients, but until recently, there wasn’t an easy way to turn that site into a membership and there are several reasons why you should consider MemberSpace for your Duda membership.

Furthermore, there are other logistical and operational challenges for an agency to overcome when building membership sites for clients.

  1. How can you centrally create and manage all membership sites for your clients without having to create multiple logins, billing accounts, etc., for yourself?
  2. How can you set up admin accounts for each of your clients while still managing account billing centrally or having the option to let the client set up direct billing?
  3. How can you quickly and seamlessly transfer ownership of the membership site to your client if/when required?
  4. How can you create a new recurring revenue stream by building and managing your clients’ membership sites in an efficient and scalable way?

At MemberSpace, we’ve been working hard to solve these challenges. And with our Agency accounts, we’re able to provide you with features that will help agencies and professionals build, launch, and manage membership sites for your clients in an easy and scalable way.

Here’s an overview of how MemberSpace can help you do that:

1. Sign up for a MemberSpace Agency account

Agency accounts are exclusive to web design/development agencies and other professionals setting up a MemberSpace site on behalf of a client.

Signing up for an Agency account comes with a few nice perks!

  • Free MemberSpace access: Connect unlimited client sites, no subscription required!
  • Easily manage multiple client sites: Access all MemberSpace sites you own (or are an Admin on) from your Agency account.
  • Unlimited trial: Your client will not need to join a MemberSpace plan until they’re ready to add members to their site.
  • Easy hand-off: We’ve streamlined the process for passing along a finished site to your client. By default, you’ll remain an Admin on your client’s site.
  • Automated affiliate credit: If you’re a MemberSpace Affiliate, you’ll automatically receive referral credit for new customers you refer to our Professional Plan.
  • 10% discount on client sites: Your clients will receive 10% off their first year of our Professional Plan as long as you’ve added your affiliate token to your MemberSpace Agency account. The discount will be automatically applied at site hand-off.

After signing up for an Agency account, you’ll set up your Agency details including your Agency name, website URL, and affiliate link (if applicable) in just a few quick steps. From there, you can begin building your clients’ membership sites!

2. Connect unlimited websites to your Agency account

You can add unlimited membership websites to your MemberSpace Agency account at no cost. And it’s easy to add or remove websites under your account at any time.

Figure 1: To add a new website to your account, just complete this simple form.

Each website you add to your MemberSpace account will have separate member pagesmember plans, and members.

3. Create an Admin account for your client during setup

When you add a new website to your MemberSpace Agency account, you will be the Agency Admin for that membership site by default. But you can invite your clients or team members to be site admins on any of the websites under your account.

Add admins to client Duda sites
Figure 2: To add an admin to a specific website, simply invite them.

A site admin can do everything a site owner can do in the MemberSpace backend, except for adding/removing admins, disconnecting the site from MemberSpace, or viewing your MemberSpace subscription billing details.

This allows you to give your client admin access to their membership site backend, while you set up everything on their behalf. Adding your client as an Admin also makes it easier to set up various integrations like Stripe, the payment processor.

4. Add membership functionality to your client’s Duda site

As part of the setup process, you’ll follow a few quick steps to add membership functionality to your client’s website. You can install MemberSpace on any Duda website within a few minutes and quickly set up the core membership functionality including:

  • Lockdown member-only web pages
  • Create flexible membership plans (free and paid)
  • Enable signup and login/logout functionality
  • Add a paywall to accept one-time or recurring payments
  • Integrate with best of breed third-party tools e.g. via Zapier
  • Plugin a third-party community forum to your membership site e.g. Muut, Circle, etc.
Figure 3: To install MemberSpace, simply add our code to your Duda header HTML.

5. Hand off a membership site to your client

Once you’ve finished configuring the ins and outs of your client’s membership site, you’ll likely want to hand off the site to your client. We’ve made this process quick and simple.

All you have to do is click “Connect Billing” at the bottom of your Agency account.

Invite clients to connect billing to membership sites
Figure 4: Easily connect billing to any site.

Then, you’ll fill out a quick form and invite your client to set up billing. Your client will receive the email invite to the email address you enter in the form.

invite clients to connect billing on Duda sites
Figure 5: Fill out a simple form to invite your client to connect billing.

After your client joins a current MemberSpace plan under their account, they can accept ownership of the site!

Note: The required MemberSpace plan will depend on the features enabled for that membership site.

To learn more about building, launching, and managing Duda membership sites for your clients in a scalable way, check out our guide on how to set up client sites on MemberSpace.

Check out these help docs for more information about these features: