client off-boarding resources for agencies

Client Off-boarding Resources

As you prepare to hand off a MemberSpace site to your client, here are some helpful resources you may consider sharing to familiarize your client with their MemberSpace account and offer tools to help grow their membership.

MemberSpace 101

Getting oriented to MemberSpace.

MemberSpace 101

A video overview of how MemberSpace works. We also have a written Help Doc version if you prefer.

MemberSpace support

This is a helpful reference page for connecting your clients with the various methods of support they have access to from MemberSpace.

Data analytics

This Help Doc overviews how your client can access their MemberSpace analytics and view their membership performance.

Product news

Let your client know we send MemberSpace product news monthly via email. If they miss an email, they can check our Product News page.

MemberSpace status page

Though infrequent, sometimes technology has an outage. If your client is experiencing problems with their MemberSpace site loading, they can check our status page for updates.

MemberSpace FAQs

Guides and resources for common MemberSpace questions.

Member FAQ

Your client’s members may have some questions or potentially run into an issue. This Help Doc outlines answers to the most common questions your client may hear.

How to create and use coupons

It’s likely your client may wish to create coupons for various needs; this Help Doc explains how to do that.

How to gift memberships

Your client may be asked how to purchase a membership as a gift — here’s how.

How to refund members

If your client needs to provide a refund to a member, here are the instructions. We also have a guide on how to pause a member’s subscription.

How to invite members

If your client needs to manually invite a member, this is the process they’ll follow.

How to manually approve members

If your client plans to manually approve members for their membership, here’s how they’ll do that.

How to export members

If your client needs to export a list of members, they’ll follow the steps in this guide.

Membership Marketing & Growth

Tools, resources, and inspiration for growing and scaling a membership.

How to Build a Membership Marketing Plan

In this guide, we walk through developing a marketing strategy and plan so your client is fully equipped to market their membership.

Improving Membership Site Retention

Proven ways to improve member retention and build a better membership experience.

Membership Growth

Help your client learn how to scale their membership for growth with these resources.

Membership Maker Podcast

Feel free to share our podcast, which includes 100+ episodes interviewing membership business founders about starting and scaling successful memberships.