New Feature: Email members with Member Messages

We’re excited to announce the release of Member Messages, a new way to communicate with your members via email!

Draft and send email campaigns directly from your MemberSpace. Send to all members, or segment by plan. No third-party email software required. 

This top-requested feature is now live in MemberSpace!

Email your members — anytime, anything

Member Messages offers a flexible solution to communicate with your members (or a specific segment of your members) about anything:

  • Share an update 
  • Announce new content
  • Promote a new offering
  • Upsell a higher tier 
Use Member Messages to send reminder emails to members
Send announcement emails to members with Member Messages

No third-party email software required

You asked, we listened!

Our customers wanted a seamless way to communicate with members, directly from MemberSpace.

Though we integrate with almost any email marketing tool via Zapier, that does require additional subscriptions to Zapier and the third-party email tool (like Mailchimp or ConvertKit), as well as more technical set-up to keep your subscriber list accurate with your MemberSpace member list.

Our Zapier integration is still a great option for membership business owners who prefer or need the features of third-party email software. 

But as a simpler alternative, we now offer the built-in functionality to send email campaigns right from your MemberSpace! 

This new feature removes the need to sync your member list(s) with a third-party email marketing tool.

Want to email all active members? 

Need to send a message only to members of a certain plan?

Member Messages makes it easy to send and segment emails to your MemberSpace members!

Member Messages is available on our Professional Plan.

Member Messages features

We built Member Messages to be a simple (yet powerful) tool to send email campaigns for your membership. It includes:

Best-practice email formatting

Our simple email editor includes all the best-practice formatting options you need to communicate with your members — without the distraction of features you don’t.

Format text. Add headlines. Use bulleted or numbered lists. Include hyperlinks.
Use the formatting options to customize the emails you send to members

Send test emails

Before you blast 🚀, send yourself a test email to be sure everything looks just as you’d like.

White-labeled From Address

Send email campaigns from [email protected] (rather than

Your white-labeled email address improves deliverability and helps your message stand out in your members’ inboxes!

Email log

View past emails, when they sent, who they sent to, and exactly how many emails went out.

For a step-by-step guide to send Member Messages, check out the feature help doc.

Get started with Member Messages

Simple, streamlined member communication. Real-time updates to your member list. This top-requested feature makes managing your membership even easier!

Member Messages is available on our Professional Plan.