MemberSpace News: Spring 2023

💪 Enhancements

Member Plan filters

We’ve simplified the Member Plan filters in the Members list so you can easily locate member details. Learn more about the different filter options and how to view member details and activity.

Deleting Member Plans

The option to delete a Member Plan was relocated to the bottom of each individual plan’s settings. Before a Member Plan (free or paid) can be deleted, it will first need to be canceled for all active members on that plan.

View membership site link

The wording of the link at the bottom of your MemberSpace account changed to “Your Site.” While the link would previously take you to your sites list, you can now use it to open and view your connected website directly from your account.

Member exports

The expanded and condensed file export options were replaced with a “Members & Plans” option. This export includes the same information as the previous expanded file option. The export includes a column for each plan that currently has or previously had at least one active member.

MemberSpace links

All MemberSpace links (e.g. Member Links, Content Links, Member Plan sign-up links) now automatically use your website domain — custom domains are no longer used. While MemberSpace links that include custom domains will continue to function on your website at this time, we recommend replacing them with the new links to ensure everything is future-proof. Custom domain links used in outside sources (e.g. email, social media, other websites not connected to MemberSpace) will no longer work beginning May 18th, 2023.

Member Plan expiration

Adding or editing existing plan expiration dates no longer affects members who joined the plan before making the change. The expiration date will apply to new members who join that plan.

📚 Membership business resources

Membership site examples

We’ve added 20 new Squarespace membership site examples and 16 new Wix membership site examples to our blog for inspiration on membership models and use cases.

Free membership site template

Check out our new membership website theme, perfect for custom CSS and HTML sites. You can find it by visiting the “Free Downloads” link at the bottom of your MemberSpace account.

In-person events help doc

Whether you’re hosting a virtual or in-person event, you can use MemberSpace to facilitate registration as well as manage and track attendees. Learn how to manage public and member-only events with MemberSpace.

💸 MemberSpace Affiliates

Affiliate link discount

Affiliates can now offer new MemberSpace referrals 10% off their first year of our Professional Plan. The discount is automatically applied to new customers who sign up via an affiliate’s unique link.