Feature Updates #13

Secure Member Content

You can now embed any file (PDFs, images, Word docs, etc.) on your Squarespace site for members to download and have it be 100% secure via our new feature – Member Content. This content will only appear for members who have access to it via your Member Plans and the access is authenticated via MemberSpace’s server which means it’s truly secure. Just click the Member Content link in your MemberSpace navigation to get started. View screenshot

Members can update their credit card

Your members can now update their credit card on file. They just need to open their Account and click “Update credit card”. View screenshot

Better filter functionality

You can now filter your subscriptions based on various status such as active, cancelled, on trial, unpaid, and past due. Remember you can export any filtered search results to a .csv file as well! View screenshot

Remove members from a Member Plan

You now have the ability to manually remove your members from a Member Plan whenever you want. Just go to your Member section in your MemberSpace navigation and click “View member details”. You can then click the “Remove Plan” link next to their plan. View screenshot