Feature Updates #14

Log In / Sign Up Link

Now whenever you place a Log In / Sign Up link (from the install Popup instructions in your admin backend) on your Squarespace site the link text will automatically change to “Your Account” after a member logs in or signs ups. This way they can easily access their account and you don’t need to add any additional links to your navigation.

Video Content

You can now add videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) as Member Content. Just like Member Content files, this content will only appear for members who have access to it via your Member Plans and the access is authenticated via MemberSpace’s server which means it’s truly secure. Just click the Member Content link in your MemberSpace navigation to get started. View screenshot

Content Library

You now have the ability to automatically output all your Member Content (files & videos) on any page of your site by embedding your Content Library. The only content members will see is the content they have access to via the Member Plan(s) they are currently on. Just go to the Member Content link in your navigation and click “Content Library” on the left. View screenshot