Feature Updates #19

Coupons showing in receipt email

Now when your members enter a coupon during a subscription plan payment, they will see the coupon reflected in the receipt email they get from us on your behalf. View screenshot

Admin navigation update

Most of you probably noticed the admin navigation is a bit different now. We recently updated it to be easier to understand (especially for new MemberSpace users). The functionality is the same though. If you have any thoughts or issues with this please reply and let us know. View screenshot

Public Member Plans

We just made “All Public Member Plans” the default option for General Sign Up. If you already had another option selected for General Sign Up don’t worry we didn’t override it. View screenshot

What we’re working on

We’ve made a lot of progress on our next big update to enhance your content output for members. This will allow you to securely embed member only content in the visual format you want for your members. This will be ideal for those of you creating courses and/or resource libraries with MemberSpace.