Feature Updates #35

No more confirmation email

After a lot of thought (and member complaints), we’ve decided to no longer send out a confirmation email for new members. It was causing too many issues (email going to spam, people not seeing it in the inbox, etc.). So instead, when a new member goes to sign up on your website, they have to enter in their email address twice and that will serve as the confirmation.

This should greatly reduce the number of email login errors your members complain about. However, if a member still manages to sign up with an incorrect email, you can always change it for them by going to View Members in your top navigation > searching for the member > clicking “View member details” > then click “Edit this member” and changing the email. Also if a member forget’s their email when trying to log in, they can automatically fill in a short form so you will be notified.

Design refresh and new logo

We have simplified the top navigation and organized the Settings section much better. Three major changes occurred: 1) The Install section can now be reached by going to Settings first and then clicking “Install Options”. 2) A “Your Account” link has been added to the top main navigation 3) Protected Content can now be reached by going to Protect Pages first and then clicking “Setup Content Containers” on the left. We also have a new (friendlier) MemberSpace logo – hope you like it 🙂