Feature Updates #36

Membership Plans can have a sign up fee

Now when you create a new recurring subscription or multiple payments plan you can add a sign up fee if you want! The sign up fee will be charged at the same time the first payment is charged. So for example, you could have a recurring subscription plan for $50/month with a $200 signup fee. A new member signing up for this plan would be charged $250 total ($200 sign up fee plus the $50 monthly charge) for the first month and then $50/month thereafter. See screenshot

If the recurring subscription or multiple payments plan has a free trial, the signup fee will be charged when the free trial is up.

Change your default cancelation policy

By default when a member canceled their recurring subscription plan with you they would immediately lose access to any of your protected pages & content. However, we’ve heard from many of you that you’d prefer members lose access at the end of their billing period (for example, if they signed up for a monthly recurring subscription on Sept 15th and canceled on Sept 25th, they should have access until Oct 15th since they already paid for the month). So this is now the default. You can adjust it however by going to Settings > User Experience > scroll down to “What should happen when members cancel their subscription?” See screenshot

Change the time zone for MemberSpace

Previously we were outputting all times in MemberSpace in GMT (e.g. when viewing sign up day/time for a member in the “View member details” section) which was causing some confusion. We now default to Eastern Time (ET) but you can change it by going to Settings > User Experience > scroll down to “Change your time zone”. See screenshot