Feature Updates #39

Updated payment form design and experience

We’ve updated the payment form design and user experience – ease of entering card numbers, fixing errors, and overall security have all been improved. Plus the design is simplified and looks slick 😉 See screenshot

Applying coupons now updates the price in the payment form

Finally! Now when your members enter in a coupon code when signing up for one of your recurring subscription or multiple payment plans, they will see that the coupon was successfully applied (and the discount) before clicking the purchase button. See screenshot

Member export now contains plan status

Now when you export your member list it will contain the membership plan status (active, on trial, canceled, etc.) for each member. This should help you with any additional reporting or categorizing of members you may need to do.

Trial language no longer shows when a previous member signs back up

Say you previously had a member sign up for a free trial on one of your membership plans and then they canceled before or after the trial ended. If they try to rejoin the plan in the future, during sign up they will no longer see any confusing language about a free trial since they already had one.