Feature Updates #40

Subscription renewal email

Now any members who are active on a membership plan that renews at least every 3+ months (e.g. annual subscriptions) will receive an email reminding them about the upcoming charge. By default the email is sent 7 days before renewal but you can change that in your Stripe account by going to Subscriptions > Settings > Renewal reminders. Of course you can edit the wording of the email we send on your behalf by going to your MemberSpace Settings > Member Emails > Subscription Renewal Reminder.

Member export now has two export options

When you go to export your full member list (or just a filtered part of your list) you will now have two options for the export file. The first is called “Condensed” and in the CSV file your member’s plans and status will be grouped into just two columns. The second is called “Expanded” and in the CSV file each plan will have its own column and contain the member’s status. See screenshot

Member filter now works for any membership plan status

If you choose to search and filter your member list you now have the option to filter by any membership plan status (and export the results) so you can be as specific as you want 🙂 See screenshot

Bug Fix – Password reset email now contains date & time

If you or your members have ever forgotten your password and filled out the Forgot Password form multiple times you’ll notice in some email providers (like Gmail) the password reset emails get grouped (or threaded) together and sometimes people click the wrong link to reset their password. Now the forgot password email will always have a subject line containing the date and time the reset was requested so each reset request will show up like a brand new email which should help everyone avoid confusion.

Bug Fix – Old MailChimp lists notification

If you ever delete a MailChimp list in MailChimp that happens to be connected to your MailChimp MemberSpace integration we’ll let you know so you can fix your integration setup!

Bug Fix – Trial is ending email now shows price with coupon applied

If your member applied a coupon when paying for your membership plan and the plan happened to have a free trial we now accurately list the price your member will pay (including the coupon discount) when sending them your “Subscription Trial Is Ending” email.

Bug Fix – No longer sending trial is ending email when member sets subscription to cancel

If your member is on a free trial of your membership plan and chooses to cancel at the end of their billing period, we’ll no longer send them your “Subscription Trial Is Ending” email 3 days before the trial ends.