Feature Updates #42

You can now edit the price of one time charge plans

For any one time charge membership plans you can now edit them and revise the price 🙂 Just click on Setup Memberships in your MemberSpace navigation and then click “Edit Plan” under the plan title.

When inviting members to a paid plan they will actually get a payment sign up link

Now when you go to invite a member to a plan that is paid (recurring subscriptions, multiple payment, or one time charge) they will receive a link in their Invite Email which when clicked will bring them to the credit card payment screen to pay for the plan. If a member is invited to join a free plan then the link will simply log them in after they click it.

Sign Up button in Log In / Sign Up form can now point to any URL

In your MemberSpace Settings under Sign Up Experience there is a dropdown under “When signing up require people”. If you select “No Membership Plan required” you will be able to enter in any URL you want. After you enter in the URL, your Sign Up button in your Log In / Sign Up form (see screenshot) will now point to the URL you entered instead of forcing people to sign up for an account. For example, some folks would use this feature to point their Sign Up button to a pricing page on their website which explains the different membership plans they offer and would have a sign up link under each plan on that page.

Protected Page and Membership Plan lists are now easier to view

Some MemberSpace customers have a lot of protected pages and/or membership plans. It can getting annoying to scroll through all of them to get to the one you want to look at or edit in your MemberSpace backend. We now have a solution! In your MemberSpace navigation when you click on Protect Pages or Setup Memberships you’ll now see a button in the bottom left to “Simplify this list” (see screenshot) which will hide all the details and show you a much simpler list to scroll and sort through (see screenshot). You can always undo this view by clicking “Expand this list”.

Bug Fix – your members will no longer see an insecure warning

If you haven’t enabled SSL (i.e. https) on your Squarespace website, occasionally new sign ups would see an insecure warning (depending on their browser) when signing up to pay for your membership plan. We’ve fixed this so now instead of seeing an insecure warning we’ll redirect those folks to a MemberSpace url (e.g. which has just the payment form on it with no insecurity warning.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend you enable SSL on your Squarespace website to improve security and SEO. Here’s a quick guide with more info.