Feature Updates #43

We now have an Unlimited Plan for unlimited paid members

As usual – you asked for it and we’re delivering! For our customers out there with larger paid membership businesses we now have an Unlimited Plan which gives you unlimited paid members for just $500/mo with no additional price increases. We also made some changes to our other higher tier plans (see screenshot). If you’d like to switch to one of these higher tier plans let us know 🙂

Protected Pages list can now be sorted just like Membership Plans

You can now change the order that your protected pages appear in when you go to Protected Pages in your MemberSpace backend. Just drag and drop any page to change its order.

When you deny a member’s approval they will now get an email

We have always sent out an Approval Email after you manually approve reach member but now we also have a Denial Email. You can edit the wording of the email by going to Settings in your MemberSpace backend and clicking Member Emails and then Denial Email.

Protected Page and Membership Plan lists are now easier to view

Now when you invite a new member to a free membership plan you will see this reflected right away in your View Members list. You no longer need to wait for the member to log in before seeing that they are on the plan.

Member list export is now in chronological order

When you export your member list to a .csv file the rows will now appear in chronological order.

Bug Fix – Filter for Paid Members now does not include members on trial

When you filter your member list by “Paid” in the View Members section it no longer includes members on a trial (there’s a separate “On Trial” filter for them).