Feature Updates #59

New Features

  • You now can offer membersĀ cancelation alternatives! So instead of them simply canceling their Member Plan with you, they can instead extend their trial (if they have one), get a coupon discount, or contact support (i.e. you). The extended trial and coupon discount options are off by default but can easily be turned on by going to Settings > Sign Up Experience > and scrolling down to “Cancelation Options“. You can also adjust the wording by going to Settings > Custom Wording > Your Account.


  • Added a caching layer server, which means the overall speed of MemberSpace has improved by about 30% and will continue to get faster.
  • Improved member import so when you want to import people to a paid member plan we’ll automatically send them the plan sign up link so they can enter their credit card details.
  • Added support for currency conversion via exchange rates so that we display all revenue totals on your Revenue Recovery dashboard in USD if you are using only USD (or multiple currencies). If you’re using a single non-USD currency we will display that currency instead. All the individual charges under Saved, Recovering, and Lost will be in their original currencies as well.
  • Cleaned up the look and feel of the Settings > Sign Up Experience form so it’s easier to read and navigate. All the previous options are still there!

Bug Fixes

  • We were sometimes incorrectly showing an alert when non-members visited a member page and then went to sign up.
  • We were not showing the correct revenue number you generated in our new ROI email.
  • After you upgrade or downgrade MemberSpace subscriptions, the transaction fee we charge you will now update correctly across all Member Plans you’ve created.
  • Website Toolbox redirection issue fixed.
  • If members upgraded to a new plan on the same day they signed up for their initial plan they were not being charged the prorated amount until the next billing date.
  • The Dashboard view was loading slowly for a brief period.