Feature Updates #58

💰 New Pricing 💰

We keep listening to your feedback and have launched new pricing that should really help those of you just getting started with your membership business. You can now get an unlimited free trial of MemberSpace until you have 5 members!

We’ve also updated our other plans, so feel free to check those out as well. You can switch to these new plans whenever you want by clicking the “Start” button under any plan or viewing your account and clicking “Change plan”.

IMPORTANT: For those of you who don’t want to switch to the new pricing, you don’t need to take any action. You’ll continue to be billed based on your current plan. However, if you do switch to the new pricing you won’t be able to switch back to an older legacy plan.

New Features


  • Better coupon user experience, now members are autoscrolled to the coupon input field when they click the “Have a coupon” link text.
  • Website Toolbox (one of our legacy 3rd party forum integrations) is offering our customers 10% off their first month. Click here to get the discount!
  • Now when you get your MemberSpace receipt email, you’ll see a summary of everything (revenue, # of new members, revenue recovered) you’ve achieved since your last bill.
  • Improved the user interface throughout the backend to make elements more clear and easier to read.

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Website Toolbox integration to account for removed members and email address changes.
  • We had a temporary bug that sent some existing MemberSpace customers (not your members) multiple welcome emails even though they were already subscribed.