Feature Updates #83

New Features

  • If you want to have a member-only podcast which automatically allows/restricts access based on if members are on specific Member Plans you can do that with our new Castos Integration! Here are more details.
  • You can now add your Member Plan name into your Member Invite and Member Approval emails your members receive! To do that in MemberSpace > click Customize > Member Emails > click on either Member Invite or Member Approval > then click wherever in the email body you want to add the plan name and click Variables > (like this).


  • You and your members now have a better password reset user experience. Users now see this after they enter their email to reset their password. This way they won’t try to reset it over and over again by accident.
  • If you enabled our legacy Website Toolbox integration, we recommend you create a custom domain to help avoid 3rd party cookie login issues on certain browsers. See step 8 here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that was temporarily causing logins and signups to not work for some folks (especially on Safari browsers).
  • Added clearer error message when someone tries to access a Member Page which no public Member Plan currently grants access to.
  • Fixed issue causing some Member Page redirects to not go to the correct URL.
  • Due to a bug, we had to roll back our previous update that showed MemberSpace pop up links when people were viewing your site on mobile devices. The links will now open as a new blank window like they used to.