Feature Updates #82

New Features

  • You can now allow multiple selections for your multiple choice custom signup fields! Watch this example. To enable this option on new or existing multiple choice signup fields, just toggle on this new setting.


  • We removed the reCaptcha security checkbox that was showing on your signup, password reset, and forgot email forms for members (see screenshot). We’re still doing the security check but we’ve made it invisible in the background so it only shows if there is potentially suspicious activity (like a spam signup).
  • MemberSpace links (login, signup, account, etc) will now popup on your website even when on mobile or touch devices as opposed to opening in a new blank window like they used to.

    NOTE: This only applies to connected websites that have SSL enabled (i.e. https://something). If your site starts with http://something then we will open the MemberSpace link in a new blank window instead of popping up on your site.

    We strongly recommend you change your site to https within your website editor (e.g. Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, etc) which will enhance overall security and improve your SEO significantly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with MemberSpace links not always working properly when editing your Duda site within the CMS.