Feature Updates #15

Abandoned billing recovery

This new feature is a game changer! Now when one of your site visitors goes to sign up for a Member Plan and doesn’t enter their billing details we will automatically send them a short series of emails to encourage them to complete their purchase. This strategy has been proven to recover over 10% of revenue for eCommerce websites and now you get it for no extra charge! These emails will start automatically sending on your behalf in about a week. In the meantime, you can disable them by going to your Settings, clicking Automated Emails on the left, and then clicking on the “Abandoned Billing” email templates. We plan to roll out extra features like this in the future to help you keep and recover more revenue from your members so your business can reach sustainability faster! View screenshot

Members can update their email address

Your members can now easily update the email address they use to log in by going to their account and clicking “Change your email”. View screenshot

Your Account styling update

The “Your Account” view your members see has been updated with a more usable styling. View screenshot

Add links within your custom sign up fields

Now when you create a a custom sign up field (or edit an existing one), you can add a link to the field’s label (for example, when asking people to agree to your Terms & Conditions with a link to the terms). View screenshot